Monday, April 24, 2017


This is coolbert:

Before there was the U-2 you had the B-45, reconnaissance version!

Until just a few minutes ago I was neither familiar with the warplane or missions as engaged in.

Where the American would not the English could and did!

From the wiki entry:

Operation Ju-jitsu.

"The only other nation to use the RB-45C was the United Kingdom, where it was operated by an ad hoc unit of crews. " .

"Whilst the USAF was prohibited by the President of the United States from overflying the Soviet Union unless under a state of war, US allies closer to the European theatre of war could" . . .

"As a result, under Operation Ju-jitsu, in July 1951 four aircraft were leased to Britain from the 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing to form a Royal Air Force (RAF) Special Duties Flight ": . . 

B-45 the first all-jet American bomber aircraft!

"The aircraft were tasked with flying deep-level reconnaissance missions over the Soviet Union to gather electronic and photographic intelligence. The Special Duties Flight conducted missions during the period 1952–54."


Sounds to me sort of like like Guy Gibson and Dam Busters stuff. Those elite aircrews on those most secret and dangerous missions.

"Subsequent flights over the Soviet Union were carried out using English Electric Canberras under the codename Project Robin, operating at higher altitudes of around 54,000 ft (16,000 m)."

You learn something new every day! And are more the better for it too!


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