Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fortress Gotland.

This is coolbert:

Sverige för alltid.

From several Russian sources more Swedish stuff:

1. "Sweden puts permanent troops on strategic island near Russia"

"The Swedish military has announced that troops training on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, not far from Russia, will remain there permanently. Officials said 'external factors' prompted the order for some 150 soldiers to stay on the island."

“'The armed forces [now] … have joint permanent groups and troops on Gotland. Gotland is one of our military strategic areas in Sweden … Gotland needs … to increase their operational capacity, and allow troops to practice and work in the field,' the Swedish Armed Forces cited Supreme Commander Micael Byden as saying on its website."

"Byden later told Swedish broadcaster SVT that 'external factors in the world have deteriorated over time and it means I have made a decision about a permanent presence and that we put the battle group here earlier.'”

"Some 150 soldiers currently training on Gotland received orders . . . to remain on the island."

2. "Almost 70% of Swedes Support Return of Compulsory Military Service"

"MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Most people who voiced support for the reintroduction of conscription were old, while the majority of polled young people also backed the idea, the Swedish news portal "News 55" said. According to the survey, the return to compulsory recruitment was supported more by men than by women. . . . Mandatory military service was introduced in Sweden in 1901 and was officially abolished in 2010".

Gotland Swedish territory in the Baltic and two-hundred miles [320 kilometers] from Russian Kaliningrad. NOT really "near" as that word "near" normally, commonly, and ordinarily understood!!


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