Tuesday, April 12, 2016


This is coolbert:

Hey! I thought the Islamic State was "down-and-out, on-the-ropes" and all that. And then you read this:

1. "250 Syrians missing after ISIS attack Damascus"

"Around 250 Syrian civilians are feared kidnapped after an attack by ISIS on a cement factory east of Damascus, residents told AFP on Thursday."

The taking of hostages for ransom or to be used as human shields either a violation of the laws of land warfare or a crime against humanity. BUT WHO EVER SAID THAT ISIL EVER FOLLOWED THE RULES? NO ONE!

2. "ISIS has begun releasing 170 cement workers it kidnapped outside Damascus, human rights group claims – contradicting reports that the civilians had been executed"

    * "175 of the 300 cement workers feared to have been executed by ISIS"
    * "Extremists seized the labourers from an area to the northeast of Damascus"
    * "Taken near spot where militants had launched an assault on Assad's forces"
    * "Hostages are workers and contractors of the Al Badia Cement company"

Perhaps the Shia were separated from the Sunni? The former in for a rough time at the hands of ISIL.


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