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As extracted from the outstanding Internet web site with commentary:

"Unrestricted Submarine Warfare"

”More objectively, speaking well after the war, Admiral 'Bull' Halsey observed, 'If I had to give credit to the instruments and machines that won us the war in the Pacific, I would rank them in this order; submarines, first, radar second, planes third, and bulldozers fourth.'”

With regard to number four [bulldozers] we are speaking of the naval Construction Battalions. SeaBee's [CB].

American advance across the Pacific in the aftermath of the Battle of Midway greatly facilitated by the actions of the CB's.

At least within the Pacific Theater able within a period of two weeks to take an island pristine jungle wilderness and construct:

* An airfield and all impedimental associated with same.

* A port facility and all impedimenta associated with same.

* Barracks, mess halls, hospitals, etc.

CB personnel for the most part already trained and experienced trade union craftsmen upon entering the military. Trade unionists now wearing a uniform and highly qualified in their respective craft. Trade unionists to include:

* Carpenters.
* Plumbers.
* Electricians.
* Masons.
* Iron workers.
* Heavy machine operators.

Officers for the most part having civil engineering degrees and also experienced at their profession.

Officers and enlisted both merely given a mission and the raw material, and told to go.
And did so with panache' for which all 'Americans can be most grateful.

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