Saturday, October 17, 2015

North Koreans.

This is coolbert:

Place in the strange but true category. The story dated from July of this year but still relevant.

North Koreans intimately involved in the Syrian Civil War. North Koreans? A Praetorian Guard Pyongyang style.

From Freeper.

"North Korean Soldiers Assist Assad in the War Against the Syrian People"

"Activists and eyewitnesses confirmed that 5 buses full of fully armed Korean soldiers were seen in the capital Damascus, heading towards Jobar and Eastern Ghouta."

"It's not the first time Assad has used Korean, not to mention the Shiite and Asian militias, to fight in his side, Many media sources confirmed that Korean soldiers from what is called Tshulima units has been assigned as Assad's personal details two years ago, after the large advance opposition forces achieved inside the capital Damascus"

. . . .

"The unit was placed in the most sensitive positions inside the presidential palace, and was responsible for protecting the secret places Assad has"

Sounds to me like a personal security unit, bodyguards along the lines of the Soviet Guards Directorate during the Stalin era. PERSONS OF ABSOLUTE TRUSTWORTHINESS PROVIDING PROTECTION FOR THE LEADER AND THOSE INSTALLATIONS DEEMED OF THE MOST IMPORTANCE TO THE DESPOT ASSAD!



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