Saturday, April 11, 2015

Al Houthi.

This is coolbert:

From a most recent public broadcast television documentary on-the-scene journalist report some items of interest regard the situation in Yemen and the Houthi insurgents:

* Houthi is a movement and not a strictly tribal affiliation.

* Houthi is strictly Shia, one-quarter of the Yemeni population Shia.

* Houthi named after the founder of the movement, Hussein al Houthi.

* Hussein a martyr having perished in fighting with the forces of Yemeni central government. [that central government no longer exists.]

* Houthi as are most Shia fond of martyrdom and the adoration of martyrs.

* Six previous military campaigns by the central government to eradicate the Houthi failing. [again, that central government of Yemen no longer exists.]

* Hussein and his followers strong believers in conspiracy theory and conspiracy. [the 9/11 WTC attacks not done by Bin Laden and Al Qaeda!]

* Houthi trans-national. NOT recognizing borders as exist between Saudi and Yemen for instance.

* Aden too now restive. Aden an integral part of Yemen only since the time of independence from Britain. There existing in Aden a secessionist movement of some seriousness.

Control of Yemen, Aden, Bab-el-Mandeb crucial to that sea-power choke point at that western most extreme point of the Indian Ocean.

Right now, with regard to Yemen, it is all up for grabs! Hold on to your hats and do so tightly!!


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