Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cape Ray.

This is coolbert:

That combined Scandinavian/Chinese/Russian/American mission the intent of which is to destroy Syrian chemical weaponry is about to begin.

Vessels from a host of nations at the ready, preparations having been made, all poised, made ready.

Scandinavian transports, Russian and Chinese warships for protection, and an American naval vessel [Cape Ray] the purpose of which is specifically the destruction of chemical munitions all part of the international flotilla, unprecedented almost!

"U.S. Military Ship Readied for Mission to Destroy Syria’s Chemical Weapons"

The Cape Ray!

"PORTSMOUTH, Va. — Months after diplomats declared that they had come up with a plan and a timetable to dispose of Syria’s lethal chemical weapons — and with the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the weapons inspectors — the centerpiece of the mission, a workhorse American military ship that will ferry the weapons to sea for destruction, remains here in port, waiting like a sad bride for her groom."

NOT a "sad bride" anymore. That yeoman task of chemical munitions destruction now at hand, the task of neutralizing the deadly chemicals at sea A VERY GOOD IDEA INDEED!

Originally I had thought this would be a CHASE type operation as was done forty years ago, but that is not the case. Deadly poisons to be processed in an industrial manner and rendered more or less harmless.

Normally even under the best of circumstances merely MOVING chemical munitions is a difficult and dangerous task. Destroying a process even more so. The simplest accident can be disastrous and cause untold complications the clean-up of which is a difficult endeavor just of itself.

This American naval vessel the Cape Ray I was not even the slightest familiar with. If anyone deserves the Nobel Prize it would be the Captain and crew of the ship, if and when mission accomplished. This is yet to be a "done deal", the entire process fraught with great danger.

Good hunting Cape Ray and crew!!


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