Wednesday, October 9, 2013


This is coolbert:

From a much earlier edition of  "GUNS and AMMO/JUNE 1975" magazine a description of criminal forensics used during the Rhodesian Bush War.

A technique valuable in the counter-insurgency [COIN] environment:

"Following a contact or killing by terrorists, cartridge cases and bullets are recovered and taken to the B.S.A Police Firearms Examiner in Salisbury for forensic ballistics tests. At the scene of one contact 665 7.62 M43 cases were recovered. Examination disclosed they were fired from one RPD machine gun and six AK's. The Firearms Examiner determines what types of weapons were used, the number used and if any were used in previous attacks. All terrorist weapons captured are test-fired and the bullets viewed through the comparison microscope to determine if they had been used in woundings or killings. The evidence is used in court to try terrorists for murder and assault."

Forensics also as applied to captured or dead enemy and their weaponry in both Iraq and Afghan but more extensive in scope.

Vanquished dead enemy having autopsies done on them, fingerprints taken from bodies and weapons both.

Surprisingly so [?] it having been determined that about 20 % of foreign jihadists killed on the Iraqi or Afghan battlefield having at one time LIVED IN THE UNITED STATES AND DURING THEIR RESIDENCE ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH A CRIME!

The guerrilla/insurgent/terrorist/fighter in the Rhodesian Bush War categorized as a criminal and not entitled to protections of the Geneva Conventions as they apply to the irregular. And evidence as obtained from ordinary criminal forensics used to convict the irregular.



Anonymous said...

"about 20% of those enemy killed on the Iraqi or Afghan battlefield having at one time LIVED ..."

Very interesting. Did not find a link on your post, anyway to inform your readers on where you found this statistic?

Bert said...

Bert says: I should have been more clear. About 20 % of foreign jihadi [not native to Iraq of Afghan] at one time having lived in the U.S. and having a criminal record of some sort. The blog entry has been corrected.