Monday, May 13, 2013

Team Mor.

This is coolbert:

"They have endurance and concentration,"
"women often tend to be more systematic, thorough and have a greater attention to detail"

Thanks to YNet and the tip from Steve we have the story of Team Mor. Israeli army all-woman surveillance unit.

Patrolling and sitting watch on the border between Israeli and Egypt, spotting infiltrators and illegal border crosser a speciality for which the women seem to be ideally suited and much more so than an all-male unit performing the same mission!!
"Israeli women soldiers have 'right stuff' for border watch"

'We make a real contribution to protecting the country,' says commander of all-female spotter unit on Israel's fenced-off border with Egypt. Retired general claims women better suited for patient vigilance required of surveillance"

"Team Mor is a spotter unit on Israel's fenced-off border with Egypt, deployed at night to intercept would-be infiltrators from the lawless Sinai desert. Like dozens of others along the tense divide, it is all-female." 

Team Mor able to use remote-controlled machine guns to engage infiltrators if needed!

The Israeli also having that mixed gender border patrol unit Caracal with a much more robust combat capability. Caracal a desert cat having androgynous features, the casual observer not able to determine if a solitary animal a male or female.

"On the Egyptian border, the Israelis also have mixed-sex paramilitary border police units and a mixed-sex infantry regiment, dubbed "Wildcat", which conduct patrols and ambushes."

Women in the military dimension also having an inherent advantage as communicators? Able to copy and send Morse code at a higher speed than men and more accurately and for a longer time also.

Devoted readers to the blog can think of other instances where women out-pace the men certain military tasks and missions ideally suited  for the female?


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