Thursday, May 2, 2013


This is coolbert:

Thanks to the DailyMail and the tip from Free Republic we have this item WHICH SHOULD BE A MAJOR NEWS ITEM BUT IS NOT! For two weeks now an ignored item.

Chinese troops in a quite deliberate and provocative manner violating territory as claimed by India. Territory the dominion of which is contested and now a challenge has been made and the gauntlet thrown?


"China invades India: Tensions mount as platoon of soldiers slip across border to claim disputed territory"

•"Chinese troops set up camp in Ladakh region in middle of April"
•"Slipped across the boundary into India in middle of night, India says"

"A two week Chinese incursion has left India on the verge of crises, it has today been reported."

"India says Chinese troops set up a camp on its side of the ill-defined frontier in Ladakh region in the middle of April."

"The platoon of Chinese soldiers slipped across the boundary into India in the middle of the night, according to Indian officials."

That border between India and China as originally drawn [the Johnson Line, the McMahon Line] by the British during the time of the Raj never having been agreed upon with 100 % certainty and common agreement by all interested parties.

That area of Ladakh also where the Aksai Chin War was fought over forty years ago now?

"This is HOW WARS START!" And you had better believe it. That Mexican-American War of 1848 having begun when shots fire, American troops venturing into disputed territory and establishing a camp, raising the American flag, conflict escalating in a manner unanticipated.

And as for the lack of coverage by the main stream media. The devoted reader to the blog can figure that out for themselves.


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