Friday, August 10, 2012


This is coolbert:

Once again yet one more strange case of the wartime traitor [?] and radio propaganda broadcaster.

Eva Toguri, Mildred Gillars, William Joyce, John Amery, Ezra Pound!

Add to that list the Englishman and famous author and "humorist" P.G. Wodehouse.

"Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, KBE (15 October 1881 – 14 February 1975) was an English humorist, whose body of work includes novels, short stories, plays, poems, song lyrics, and numerous pieces of journalism. He enjoyed enormous popular success during a career that lasted more than seventy years and his many writings continue to be widely read."

[P.G. known to his friends as "Plum"]

During that period of World War Two [WW2] Wodehouse an Englishman living in France subsequent to the Battle of France [1940] confined by the German as an enemy alien. Released subsequently and making propaganda broadcasts the target audience of which was in America [does that matter].

Wodehouse investigated but at no time arrested, tried, convicted, or executed in the manner of a William Joyce or a John Amery. Both Joyce and Amery quite willingly collaborating with the German and making propaganda broadcasts. Joyce and Amery also both EXECUTED IN THE AFTERMATH OF THE WAR FOR TREASON AND COLLABORATION WITH THE ENEMY!!

But not P.G. Wodehouse. NOT hung and NOT even having his nobility taken away!! And WHY is this?

The case too of the American Ezra Pound comes to mind instantly. Pound living in Italy for some time prior to the outbreak of World War Two [WW2], a fascist sympathizer and also perhaps to a degree mentally deranged making a series of propaganda broadcasts, the man delusional and eccentric, the foremost living poetry expert in the entire world notwithstanding. Pound for a period of years institutionalized in a mental asylum a pathetic figure.

Amery as well from descriptions a mentally deranged individual living in a fantasy world not fully understanding his surroundings, used by the German in a manner also pathetic the circumstances of his treasonous behavior almost laughable.

It also has occurred to me that we have not [?] recently heard from Adam Gadahn. That American traitorous spokesman for Al Qaeda and has been silent for some time now! And the significance of that is?


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