Friday, August 3, 2012


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Thanks to YNet we have a description from only the other day of the Israeli Trophy/Windbreaker system in action, and successfully too. Mounted for the meantime on the Merkava tank but also has potentiality for any armored vehicle as well?

NOT the first time Trophy/Windbreaker has defeated an incoming RPG round or an anti-tank-guided-missile [ATGM] and will not be the last.

1. "IDF tank-shield intercepts missile"

"Merkava tank escapes missile hit thanks to 'Windbreaker' defense system"

"The IDF's Windbreaker defense system has intercepted an anti-tank missile fired at a tank in the central Gaza Strip, near Kissufim on Wednesday."

Israeli Merkava tank equipped with the Trophy/Windbreaker system detecting an incoming ATGM and destroying same. Trophy/Windbreaker sending for a spew of shot in the manner of a giant shotgun, prematurely detonating the warhead or destroying in flight the missile or RPG round.

[this system effective against either an RPG round or an ATGM!!]

Trophy/Windbreaker active during combat so far a RARE EVENT!!

"The IDF considers the firing of the missile a very unusual event. Windbreaker has rarely been called into action since becoming operational two years ago." [last use of Trophy/Windbreaker was in March 2011]

2. "Gaza: IDF tank-shield intercepts missile"

[this from 03.20.11,]

'Windbreaker' defense system intercepts missile fire on Merkava 4 tank"

"Exchanges of fire between IDF soldiers and Palestinians were reported at around noon Sunday near the Al-Bureij refugee camp in Gaza."

 "During the fighting, Palestinians fired an anti-tank missile at a Merkava 4 tank, which is equipped with the 'Windbreaker' defense system. The system intercepted the missile"

Trophy/Windbreaker as the counter-measure and antidote to the RPG round or the ATGM and it works!!


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