Friday, January 6, 2012


This is coolbert:

"this too will come to pass"

As it was in Haiti two hundred years ago, as it is in Syria today.

The dictator digs in his heels, refuses to step down or relinquish power, prepares a mountain fortress, a bastion impregnable, the final show-down on hold!!

From the DEBKAfile:

"Assad will fight from mountain fortress if civil war engulfs Syria"

"02 Jan. . . . President Bashar Assad is digging in for a full-scale civil war:  DEBKAfile reports exclusively that a fortress is under construction for the Syrian ruler, family, his loyal generals and ruling elite in the northwestern Alawite (Al-Ansariyyah) Mountains. From there the Assad clan will fight for survival should Damascus become too hot for them"

A mountain-top stronghold, impregnable, invulnerable to attack from which a prolonged defense can be conducted. At this very moment such a fortress being prepared, feverish effort, Assad seeing the hand-writing on the wall and taking appropriate measures the autocrat now deems absolutely necessary.

Also from DEBKAfile: 3 million gas masks having been recently emergency air-lifted into Syria from Russia, Assad intending to protect the entire Alawite population of Syria in case the use of poison gas resorted to?

 "Last week, Russia airlifted to Syria 3 million face masks against chemical and biological weapons" - - DEBKAfile 16 Dec.

"3.5 million members . . . of this ruling Shiite Muslim faith, which numbers just over one-tenth of Syria’s total population" [Alawites their faith of which little is known about rule as a small minority].


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