Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tiger Force.

This is coolbert:

Here with what would have been another contribution to the British war effort in the Pacific against the Japanese - - if an when unconditional surrender had not occurred as it did.

Tiger Force.

Massed British bomber force based in Okinawa to contribute to the further saturation bombing of Japanese cities and in support I would assume of allied ground forces if indeed an invasion of the Japanese home islands did transpire as planned [Downfall]!

"Tiger Force, also known as the Very Long Range Bomber Force, was the name given to a World War II British Commonwealth long-range heavy bomber force, formed in 1945 . . . for proposed use against targets in Japan."

"Tiger Force was to have been based on Okinawa and would have used Avro Lancasters, Avro Lincolns (the latest development of the Lancaster) and Consolidated Liberators."

Other than in the CBI theatre [Chine-Burma-India] during World War Two [WW2], the British effort in the Pacific theatre directly and against the Japanese home islands up unto the end of the war was scant, resources being allocated to the Fourteenth Army [CBI] as priority.

Subsequent to victory in Europe [V-E], the English effort in the Pacific did become more pronounced, to include:

* British Pacific fleet units heavily engaged during the Battle of Okinawa [1945].

[in actuality that fleet the largest and MOST powerful the English had EVER put to sea!]

Furthermore, British units in addition would have contributed directly as well during the planned invasion of Japan. Units to include:

* SAS. English behind-the-lines guerrilla fighters.
* RAF "Dam Busters Squadron".
* Naval special operations. Frogmen trained by the Italian Decima MAS!

And too Tiger Force. [Tiger flying those long-range heavy bombers, the successors to the Lancaster!]

Churchill undeniably felt an obligation to the United States and wanted to make good the debt he felt the English owed. Tiger and the others would have flew the flag of St. George proudly. Undeniably!


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