Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Marco Antonio Bragadin.

This is coolbert:

On this date in the 1571 A.D. the Venetian commander of the fortress city of Famgusta, Cyprus, surrendering with terms to the Turk, treacherously and wantonly put to death in a gruesome manner - -grotesque in the extreme, NO restraint shown by the victor over the vanquished.

The body of the enemy commander, desecrated, mocked, abused , a display of  cruelty and barbarism NOT worthy of any persons that refer to themselves as civilized - - and done so in violation of protocols governing surrender with terms!!

Marco Antonio Bragadin!

"Marco Antonio Bragadin, also Marcantonio Bragadin (21 April 1523 – 17 August 1571) was an Italian lawyer and military officer of the Republic of Venice. Bragadin joined the Fanti da Mar (marine infantry) Corps of the Republic of Venice. In 1569, he was appointed Captain-General of Famagusta in Cyprus and led the Venetian resistance to the Ottoman conquest that began in 1570. He was gruesomely killed in August 1571 after the Ottomans took the city"

Marco, at the command of the contingent defending Famagusta, after a prolonged siege, captured, tortured and executed, his remains made a macabre display of, again, grotesque.

"'dragged round the walls with sacks of earth and stone on his back; next, tied to a chair, he was hoisted to the yardarm of the Turkish flagship and exposed to the taunts of the sailors. Finally he was taken to the place of execution in the main square, tied naked to a column, and literally flayed alive.' Bragadin's quartered body was then distributed as a war trophy among the army, and his skin was stuffed with straw and sewn, reinvested with his military insignia, and exhibited riding an ox in a mocking procession along the streets of Famagusta."

It is not with any wonder that the the Christian of the Renaissance era referred to the Ottoman as the "Terrible Turk"!!



Ali Ragip Baltali said...

he would not killed wantonly,because he was blamed for the death of his 50 muslim captiveS.Our TURKISH SOURCES SAY THAT they had done the same thing what they did to their prisoner of wars.And they killed nearly 52.000 OTTOMAN soldiers including the big Son of LALA MUSTAFA PASHA.and in his presence he
had disrespected to Pasha.

Unknown said...

Very true, Ali. He got what he did to others. There are plenty accounts of his atrocities. The way he got ottoman soldiers tortured was equally disgusting

A terrible death, but not surprising