Tuesday, November 30, 2010


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ONLY yesterday, Congressman Mark Kirk of Illinois sworn in as a newly elected Senator. In advance, by six weeks, Kirk the winner of TWO elections from earlier this month, in part to fill the contested and controversial Senatorial vacancy created When President Obama was elected to office TWO YEARS ago!

A swearing-in ceremony having a special military touch!

"Mark Kirk sworn into President Obama's former Senate seat"

"Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk was sworn into office Monday night, becoming the first of more than a dozen new Republicans to join the Senate after their party's sweeping wins earlier this month."

"Kirk, a five-term congressman, bested Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias (D) to win the Senate seat once held by President Obama . . . enabled him to be seated six weeks ahead on the other new members of the Senate Class of 2010."

. . . .

"A Navy Reserve intelligence officer, Kirk took the oath of office on the 1827 Bible of David Farragut"

"The same Bible was used to swear in two iconic U.S. Navy Chiefs of Naval Operations—Admirals Thomas H. Moorer and Elmo Zumult."

[Admiral Moorer was during the Vietnam War also Chairman of the Joint Chiefs!]

Mark Kirk, a five-term Congressman AND a naval reservist, an intelligence officer, taking his oath with hand on the Bible of David Farragut. Farragut the FIRST officer in the U.S. Navy to attain the rank of admiral!

Kirk, even while serving as a representative, continuing his military duties, having seen duty during both Gulf Wars and also the Afghan mission! NOT THAT many Congressmen or Senators EVER could make such a claim of devoted military service while in office!

This particular Bible is as close to a holy relic as you can get. Of great significance to the U.S. Navy, almost a reliquary item, as if possessed at one time by a "saint"!

Kirk in specific requesting the Bible be provided for the ceremony, guards and an archivist wearing blue plastic gloves escorting the Bible of Farragut to the Senate chambers for the "rite"!

A very emotional event for all!


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