Sunday, November 28, 2010


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Previously I have blogged about the Waverider. The X-51 hypersonic vehicle launched from a B-52 bomber, a sub-orbital "space-ship" with a military purpose, able to deliver a conventional warhead [having the lethality of a tactical nuclear weapon] to any point on the planet.

Here is part two of the hypersonic vehicle weapons system. An alternative to the Waverider, this "sub-orbital" space craft taken aloft by a missile.

Falcon Hypersonic Test Vehicle.

"Govt To Try Again For Successful Falcon HTV-2 Flight"

"The Falcon Hypersonic Test Vehicle was designed to fly at the top of the atmosphere just below space, and is an important element of the Pentagon’s Conventional Prompt Global Strike program, which centers on building non-nuclear weapons that can strike conventionally anywhere in the world in less than 60 minutes."

FALCON: (Force Application and Launch from Continental United States)

Again - - the hypersonic re-entry vehicle, sub-orbital, able to reach any point on the planet within an hour, delivering a conventional warhead in the target with great destructiveness and lethality.

The Minotaur missile used for testing the Falcon - - Minotaur a military missile taken off stand-by, refurbished and able to place satellites into orbit.

"The Minotaur is a family of American solid fuel rockets derived from converted Minuteman and Peacekeeper intercontinental ballistic missiles."

". . . The Minotaur I and II are derived from the Minuteman missile, whilst the Minotaur III, IV and V are derived from the Peacekeeper."

Both Waverider and Falcon have precision guidance, using GPS and also [?] having a capability for terminal guidance based on ground-based components [surveyed radio transmitter]!

And, once more, a lethality at least equal to that of a tactical nuclear weapon!


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