Saturday, June 26, 2010


This is coolbert:

Thanks to CSI [Center-for-the-Study-of-Intelligence] and the tip through Jungle Trader, this analysis:

"Two Strategic Intelligence Mistakes in Korea, 1950 "

"Perceptions and Reality"

"Two strategic intelligence blunders within six months: yet the civilian and military leaders involved were all products of World War II, when the attack on Pearl Harbor had clearly demonstrated the requirement for intelligence collection and analysis"

Right! Two intelligence blunders within a period of six months. And blunders by persons of experience who SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!

Central Intelligence and the Far East Command [FEC], both falling down on the job.

Major errors of judgment - - with serious ramifications for the U.S.

* NOT able to predict the North Korean [DPRK] invasion of South Korea [ROK].

* NOT able to predict the intervention - - on a massive scale, of the forces of Communist China. The Chinese Communist Forces [CCF] - - not anticipated as joining the fray in Korea, but doing so in an overwhelming manner.

The experts - - those persons at CIA and FEC having gone to bat during World War Two [WW2] and done quite well, either as civilians [OSS] or military [the staff of General Mac Arthur] - - in 1950 - - deficient in their duties!

Both serious blunders occurring - - AND as is stated - - within a period of six months!

Well, what is going on here! Why such marked incompetence?

AND, according to this web site and article:

"The role of intelligence in America’s national security is often misunderstood. Intelligence information has to exist within the greater context of domestic US political perception."

That is all there is to it? Domestic political perception ignores the threat and neglects the intelligence as being presented to it? Perhaps deception too is part to blame? Or treachery at a high level? The "signs" do not make a "good fit" with the domestic agenda, so "calm" will prevail?

NONETHELESS, two major blunders within six months - - NOT good. And by folks that should have been able to do better!! Read it all!


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