Thursday, May 27, 2010


This is coolbert:

Thanks to the World Wide Web [WWW], some images of the best light infantry in the world. Hezbollah fighters. BEST according to the the man who at the time was # 3 at the FBI.

Pronounced and declared as a terrorist organization, ruthless in the extreme, dominating Lebanon as a non-state entity, in league with the Iranians, Shia militia able to conduct a variety of missions, military, quasi-military, individual troops even able to act as lone wolves if necessary, far from home base, and most successfully too!!

Fighters at some sort of formal ceremony. Green tunics and cargo pants, pistol belts, red berets, some sporting beards, giving the fascist salute!! Please note the women in the background, all in full Islamic dress, complete with head scarves. Hez is hard-core and demands modest decorum from adherents!

Here Hezbollah troops in total black, with headbands. These are volunteers for martyrdom operations? Again, giving the fascist salute. Seeing that type of saluting must further endear the Hezbollah to the Israeli!!

High-stepping formal occasion complete with spats and gloves!! That must be an officer in front? Hezbollah favors American desert camouflage when available? That form of marching, the holding of the pistol belt while doing the high-stepping is typical for the armies of the Arab world.

These are not the American Green Berets! Hez fighters in the all-black uniform again, this time with the beret complete with the Hezbollah flash, the green raised arm on the yellow background. The hand of the arm holding an AK of course! Black has some special martial significance to the Muslim?

Once more, the lavish spectacle. Lots of Hez logo on yellow background flag, the desert camouflage, the beret with flash, the fascist salute. NOT SURE why Hezbollah is so fond of the fascist salute. The Christian Falange at one time in Lebanon was considered to be quasi-fascist? But this a Shia Islamic militia, not Christian.

With Hezbollah, something clicked in a marked way that did not occur with the Palestinian Authority and their Fatah, for instance. Fatah and the various Palestinian commando units as fighting groups just never reached the level of competency as has the Lebanese Shia Hezbollah. These guys are determined and ready, even eager for further combat against Israel. Some bad hombres, not to be slighted, ignored, of demeaned in any manner!!



Anonymous said...

this article was extremely poorly written. Quite pathetic how you try to make "arguments" using "quotations" making "everything" you say sound "redundantly" sarcastic.

Albert E. said...

Bert says: The point is well taken and corrections have been made. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you think of Hezbollah, they still handed Israel their Ass, lets hope they liberate the rest of occupied Palestine. As for the Roman salute, which it is, and Lebanon and Palestine were a part of, that is your weapon arm that you display when greeting another, showing that your weapon hand is empty thereby coming in peace.

Anonymous said...

It makes me want to join them

hail victory!

Anonymous said...

Well spoken Brian Foley.. and thanks for the information I did not know that salute was a Roman tradition.

~Mohammad from Lebanon