Sunday, May 30, 2010


This is coolbert:

Here, thanks to the Christian Science Monitor, further info regarding the two American experimental "space" craft, both having a military function and dimension to them:

1. X-51A Waverider. Hypersonic cruise missile. Recently tested and successfully so!

"Air Force X-51A Waverider: faster than Superman"

"The US Air Force just flew its new X-51A Waverider at five times the speed of sound. It could be used as a hypersonic cruise missile, delivering a warhead to anywhere on earth in an hour."

My previous post on the Waverider contained three slight errors.

* The flight lasted 200 seconds and was supposed to be for 300 seconds. So the test was not an unqualified complete success. But markedly better than previous results.

"at 200 seconds, did not go as long as they had planned. An 'anomaly' terminated the flight short of its 300-second goal."

* Waverider achieved a speed of ONLY Mach 5, NOT Mach 6!

* I had thought the Waverider was going to "go on line" last year. A weapons system in the inventory and ready to go, launched by a B-52 bomber anywhere in the world. NO - - the hypersonic cruise missile delivering thousands of tungsten rods upon target will not be ready until 2015.

"a hypersonic cruise missile by as soon as 2015."

The hypersonic cruise missile deployed with a CONVENTIONAL WARHEAD consisting of thousands [?] of tungsten rods, having an awesome capability.

"That would provide the Air Force a long-sought Prompt Global Strike capability, defined as the ability to target any spot on earth with a conventional warhead within 60 minutes"

2. X-37B "space plane". A mini-Space Shuttle - - unmanned - - "flown" remotely. Mission not totally understood by the lay public - - classified SECRET!

"Now that the X-37B space plane is spotted, what is its mission?"

The world-wide network of amateur astronomers tracking space vehicles have located and determined the orbital track of the X-37B! An orbit that places the space craft in a position for immediate military applications!

"Amateur astronomers say they have found the X-37B in an orbit that takes it over Afghanistan and Iraq."

"A former Air Force missile officer offers up four possible uses for the space plane – and weapon is least likely."




4. "WEAPON."

We surely have not hear the last from either of these two "space craft".

Indeed the extreme non-nuclear lethality and versatility of the Waverider, when the system is deployed, makes it likely that further reductions in the nuclear weapons force of the U.S. is a do-able thing!

"What wonders hath man wrought!!" - - Bert.


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