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From a comment to the blog:

"Most people aren't willing to see the FFL in Africa as peace keepers. The voice you hear frequently is the liberal calling the Foreign Legion mercenaries. What most people don't realize, unless they have been [where] there is the lawlessness and action based on emotion vs rational thought that takes place in 3rd world countries. I am all for the continued presence of the French Foreign Legion in Africa as well as the expanding presence of US Forces."

The French Foreign Legion [FFL] has been employed on a number of occasions in African nations since the end of colonialism. Recent combat deployments include:

* Kolwezi. [Shaba II.]

* Rwanda. [1994]

* Ivory Coast. [2004]

The FFL has for some time also has retained a presence in other parts of Africa. Capable of combat missions at a moments notice, and NOT NECESSARILY IN FURTHERANCE OF FRENCH INTERESTS ALONE!!

I do recall very well that in 1994 or so, in the aftermath of the Rwandan “incident” [the slaughter of the Tutsi by the Hutu], that this British professor [a “don”] suggested a return to limited colonialism as a possible remedy to the endemic problems of what is called sub-Saharan Africa.

A return to limited colonialism as a response to the problems associated with the proliferating number of armed militias wreaking havoc throughout the continent. Militias defying any efforts of the various national “central governments” to either control or eradicate the scourge of warlord-ism!!

Sierra Leone, Liberia, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Ivory Coast, Somalia, just to name a few. Nations beset with primarily tribal militias vying for power and killing on a prodigious scale. CIVILIANS BEING THE PRIMARY TARGET OF THE VILLAINS!!

[the U.N. estimates, that, in the Congo alone, since 1994, militia groups have killed over 3 million civilians!!]

THE NATION-STATE SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE IS JUST NOT SUITED FOR AFRICA?? Militias, using AK, RPG, PKM, devastate entire populations and regions with abandon, war-lords exercising control in a dictatorial and capricious manner!

When needed, the FFL performs a peace-making mission first, followed by a peacekeeping role! But THERE JUST ARE NOT ENOUGH OF THESE GUYS TO GO AROUND!! Highly trained and motivated light infantry able of deployment to any part of Africa in an instant. Valued as being above tribalism and being incorruptible in a manner that the locals are NOT!!

There is a degree of resentment of “white soldiers” having to solve African problems? So what! “It doesn’t matter if the cat is white or black, only that it catches mice!!”

To the extent that the FFL, when employed in a peace-making and peacekeeping role, are seemingly without exception - - successful - - the locals are undoubtedly grateful for this! But - - again, there ARE JUST ENOUGH OF THESE GUYS [FFL] TO GO AROUND!!

FFL si' - - militias no!!


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