Thursday, July 29, 2021


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Alarmist and unjustified??

From Forbes and the article by David Axe.

"To have any chance of conquering Taiwan, China might need to transport as many as two million troops across the rough 100 miles of the Taiwan Strait and land them under fire at the island’s 14 potential invasion beaches or 10 major ports. That’s a lot of people—far, far more than the People’s Liberation Army Navy can haul in its 11 new amphibious ships. To transport the bulk of the invasion force, Beijing almost certainly would take up into naval service thousands of civilian ships. To that end, the Chinese Communist Party has created a legal and bureaucratic framework for taking over control of commercial shipping."

Headline by itself might make readers think the "huge fleet" assembling right now, invasion of Taiwan imminent? 

See previous blog entries several appreciations the difficulties the Chinese would have if the go-ahead given to invade Taiwan:

Within perspective: Husky [invasion of Sicily WW2] about three-thousand ships required. Overlord [invasion of Normandy WW2] about five-thousand ships required.

And don't forget Pluto [undersea pipeline for fuel] or Mulberry [artificial harbor] as was also needed for the Normandy Invasion in the aftermath of troop landings and secure beaches.

Lieutenants think tactics. Generals think logistics.

Normandy was no picnic for the allies and we can easily assume Taiwan will not be a picnic for the Chinese either.


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