Sunday, April 14, 2019


This is coolbert:

From the Internet web site G2mil this item copied and posted in entirety. All thanks to G2mil!

"Hypersonic Aircraft are a Fraud"

"Profiteers are collecting billions of dollars for bogus hypersonic aircraft concepts, i.e. aircraft that fly over Mach 5. Billions were spent on this idea in the 1950s and 1960s until it was proven impractical. The SR-71 with a Mach 3 dash speed was the best ever produced."

"Sustained flight over Mach 3 was proven impossible due to the fuel consumption and skin heating problems. There are no new magical ideas or materials to overcome these limiting factors. Even if these are solved, limited payload fraction makes hypersonic aircraft a loser, as the Russians recently rediscovered while testing Putin's promised super weapon."

"To fly at Mach 5+, an aircraft must be extremely aerodynamic to reduce friction that causes skin heating and greater fuel consumption. But his leaves almost no room for payload. It also requires the aircraft to be much longer, which makes it much heavier. It also needs a much stronger and heavier airframe to withstand extreme forces, and much larger engines to produce the needed thrust. Finally, it needs much more fuel to push this very long and heavy aircraft fast through the air, but the narrow airframe has no room for lots of fuel, or payload. Hypersonic aircraft are a fraud and all aerospace engineers know this."

Extremely! Greater! Longer! Stronger! Heavier! Larger! More! 

Putin and the much ballyhooed hypersonic weapon threat way overdone? This is what we are being told?

"ballyhoo - - noun - - 1. extravagant publicity or fuss."

Aviation authorities out there! Do you confirm or deny or it is middle of the road? Let me hear from you.


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