Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bill Slim.

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Slim of the Arakan.

Thanks to the tip from Yaroslav.

"10 Leadership Lessons from One Of Britain’s Greatest Soldiers"

As extracted from the article by Crispin Burke those items as attributed to Bill Slim in bold.

"Here are 10 lessons you’ll learn from Slim’s memoirs, should you have the opportunity to read it"

1. "Ruthlessly enforce standards". "Nine times out of ten a unit that looks good is good."

2. "Beware of the Bad Idea Fairy."  [beware and avoid] "hucksters peddling silver-bullet snake oil". The instantaneous panacea that seldom works. Sort of like the get-rich-quick scheme. If it was so good everyone would be doing it.

3. "Nothing happens without logistics." "And logistics doesn’t happen without logisticians." Lieutenants think tactics, generals think logistics. Within context a MANAGER and not a FIGHTER needed?

4. "Every soldier is a rifleman." If not an actual infantryman at least to some degree able to handle a weapon and participate in combat to an extent that is basic, hardly beyond rudimentary but adequate.

5. "Planning is everything".  "NO plan ever survived contact with the enemy." "The plan is the base from which all change is made." Commanders at all levels must [have a] "flexibility of mind". Bill Slim considering a "commanders intent" to be quite important. Subordinates exercising initiative within the context of that "intent".

6. "Give up your best people for the good of the institution". Devoted readers to the blog for further elaboration please consult the Crispin Burke article.

7. "Establish a 'battle rhythm.'”  "[trust] subordinates who could handle anything short of a major crisis".

8. "Commanders are cat wranglers."  "lead on persuasion, argument, and the strength of your ideas."

9. "Keep it short and sweet" Prevent  "Information overload."

10. “Imitations are rarely masterpieces.” Just be yourself.

"HIT EM' AS FAST AS YOU CAN, AS HARD AS YOU CAN, WHERE IT HURTS THEM THE MOST, AND WHEN THEY AIN'T LOOKING!" As originally told to Slim by an aged British Army Sergeant Major.

Soldier! Get your hands outta your pockets and now! Then we will discuss strategy!


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