Wednesday, November 26, 2014

95th Brigade.

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Raiders of the Lost Ark.

NO! Raiders of Zhitomir! 95th Brigade.

In a war fought primarily or predominantly so by PROXY forces here we have an instance of Ukrainian national army troops demonstrating an admirable fighting ability.

Proxy forces those irregular battalions multitudes as of which deployed by the Ukrainian in opposition to the Russian separatist movement.

That 95th Ukrainian airborne brigade as described rated best in the world by the American military expert Phillip Karber. Best brigade of its kind!

Mr. Karber a professor at Georgetown and by reputation a defense strategist.

"UKRAINE: American military expert considers paratroopers of Zhytomyr to be the best in the world"

"The 95th independent airborne brigade, led by their commander, Mykhailo Zabrodskyi, conducted the longest raid in military history." 

“Mykhailo Zabrodskyi and his 95th brigade became a part of military history at the beginning of August. They broke through the separatists’ line of defence, completed a march all the way to Mariupol, and made their way back along the border, destroying several Russian artillery battalions along the way, collecting for themselves their weapons and equipment. These battalions were located on the Ukrainian side of the border. They passed Russian tanks all the way to Luhansk itself, and then they returned to Sloviansk. That’s what makes this raid the longest raid in the military history of the world of an armed formation,”

"the 95th brigade is the best brigade of its kind in the entire world. 'In my opinion, they are the most successful Ukrainian brigade, even having served with the American servicemen in the near East,'" Phillip Karber.


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