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Again from the Professor Al Nofi StrategyPage CIC:

"While serving as chief-of-staff of the 42nd “Rainbow” Division in 1918, Douglas MacArthur's disdain for the prescribed uniform once resulted in his being arrested as a suspected German spy."

This being a topic from a previous blog entry. Douglas Mac Arthur assuming unusual non-military military dress during his tenure as Chief of Staff for the 42nd Division during the Great War, an unquestionable attempt deliberate and intentional to establish a personae unique.

Mac Arthur displaying such "disdain" for military uniform convention also apparent during the Vera Cruz expedition, 1914!

This one has to be seen to be believed. Had to search the Internet for some time before I was able to find this image. Douglas Mac Arthur  "in uniform" during the Vera Cruz Expedition, 1914. NOT one thing about that manner of dress regulation. And get those hands out of the pockets too! I might suppose someone would suggest that while serving as an intelligence officer attached to the expeditionary staff Mac Arthur for purpose of mission might be within his rights to assume a form of mufti according to his appreciation of the situation. But I kinda doubt it.

ALSO, that Mac Arthur denied the Congressional Medal of Honor for his exploits at Vera Cruz all the more remarkable when one considers that:

"After the fighting ended, Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels ordered that fifty-six Medals of Honor be awarded to participants in this action, the most for any single action before or since."

Medals of Honor being passed out as would be aspirin tablets but Mac Arthur denied!!

More on this later.


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Unknown said...

Are you sure that he wore a military uniform with the cardigan over it?