Saturday, October 20, 2012


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Thanks to the New Duranty Times [New York Times] we have a story with slide show, those most aspiring young officers of the U.S. Marine Corps in qualification and schooling for the position of infantry officer, platoon leader.

That one "job" as described by Eisenhower as: "the most difficult job in the world!!" That so obviously  during a time of war!

A course NOW that will be open to women!

"A Grueling Course for Training Marine Officers Will Open Its Doors to Women"

"The 86-day course, which meets four times a year, is called the corps’ most grueling school by its instructors and is intended to screen and train potential infantry officers. Its students are volunteers selected from lieutenants who have completed Officer Candidates School and the six-month Basic Officer Course, which trains all Marine lieutenants to lead provisional infantry platoons and in leadership, tactics, fitness and weapons"

[slide show is quite good!]

Some clarification is needed here. These candidates are ALREADY officers. NOW are in "school" to become qualified as an infantry officer. NOT merely an officer by Marine standards but much more than that. Qualifications and standards not diminished from past time I might suppose.

Some of those candidates graduates too from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis. Graduates able to seek commissions as Marine officers having acquired a degree of military experience and KNOWING FULL WELL what is in store for them as Marine infantry officer.

It takes a certain type of personality to put yourself through such a grueling ordeal as this "86-day course" must entail, expectations from your instructors are high and with good reason. That "most difficult job" requires the best of persons.


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