Friday, June 15, 2012

Chemicals & Masks.

This is coolbert:

From the DEBKAfile the typical alarmist type of headline that gets your attention right away.

As usual, it is worth noting that the noted blogger Spengler has rated DEBKA as unreliable under all and any circumstances. DEBKA too is as I have said, ALARMIST! In this particular case you have to wonder.

The various warring factions in Syria threatening to use chemical munitions? Within the context of those 3 millions gas masks as recently imported into Syria from Russia, it does make you take notice.

"Chemical warfare feared raising its head in the Syrian civil war"

"10 June. Tehran early Sunday June 10 accused Syrian rebels of arming themselves with chemical weapons originating in Libya and acquiring training in their use - sending shudders of alarm through the West and Israel. They fear the Assad regime is preparing the ground for chemical assaults to finally crush its foes.
Both sides to the conflict are talking about chemical warfare openly."

3 million gas masks for a nation with a populace of some 30 million might not seem a lot, but keep in mind that the total Alawite population of Syria [Alawites and the Assad family have ruled for forty years now] is roughly about 3 million.

Assad is planning a last ditch, last stand defense that would include the use of chemical munitions of a lethal nature. Syria is reputed to have a large amount of chemical stocks, an arsenal as provided by the Soviets initially and now by the Russians? Assad is willing to use real "muscle" to get his way, in desperation perhaps,  collateral damage and civilian casualties not even a calculation!

Indeed, too, the opposition includes many in the ranks that are deserters from the Syrian army, I would have thing trained and ready also to use GAS if and when they can get their hands on the product!

We pray it is NO, but fear the worst!


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