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From that previous AGS blog entry:

"Even more important is that the AGS is linked [as are other weapons on the DDG] to a net-centric capacity. An input from a variety of sources all simultaneously to provide targeting info very accurate"

The DDG-1000 destroyer having a primary [?] mission of naval gunfire and missile fire [tactical Tomahawk] directed against inland targets, DDG highly dependent on net-centric warfare [NCW], one ship able to shoot more accurately faster and with greater lethality against those targets that will hurt than enemy the most. Greater efficiency and optimal use of resources.

"hit em' as hard as you can, as fast as you can, where it hurts them the most, and when they ain't looking!!"

Within the military context NCW allowing for a minimum of shooters to do the most damage the quickest and most efficient way!

That mass of sensors at all echelon levels the data can be accessed for targeting.

"Net-centric: (Also spelled "netcentric"): Participating as a part of a continuously-evolving, complex community of people, devices, information and services interconnected by a communications network to achieve optimal benefit of resources and better synchronization of events and their consequences."

Military planners adopting and advocating the NCW concept using the Wal-Mart net-centric business model as the paradigm to be adopted. "Just-in-time" delivery of products to stores when needed and ONLY when needed. Efficiency and productivity greatly enhanced!

"Their [military planners] model was Wal-Mart. Here was a sprawling, bureaucratic monster of an organization . . . that still managed to automatically order a new light bulb every time it sold one. Warehouses were networked, but so were individual cash registers. So were the guys who sold Wal-Mart the bulbs."

"this technology to facilitate 'just in time' delivery of products, thereby eliminating the need for large warehouses.  An example of this is how Wal-Mart operates business:  each Wal-Mart store is networked together, and each night, the sales figures from all stores are sent to headquarters.  Wal-Mart has prearranged contracts with the vendors of the items they sell that allow them visibility into this data, as well as an arrangement to automatically initiate shipment of items directly to stores when a particular item’s stock (that the vendor produces) has become depleted."

NCW consisting of those entities that have access to and at the same time providing input and feedback to the network. Entities categorized as sensors, decision makers and shooters.

Sensors allowing the battlefield to be "seen" and consisting of but not limited to:

* Reconnaissance satellites.
* U-2 "spy" aircraft.
* Drones [including organic to the DDG] at all existing echelons.
* SLAR-MTI [side-looking-airborne-radar/moving-target-indicator].
* UGS [unattended ground sensors].

"the military advantage gained by integrated, networked and inter networked information flow. Specifically, NCW (Network Centric Warfare) is a new approach to how we might conduct future warfare that consists of networking the war fighting enterprise – shooters, decision makers, and sensors . . . Its purpose is to 'achieve shared awareness, increased speed of command, higher tempo of operations, greater lethality, increased survivability, and a degree of self-synchronization.”

All the data from the sensors tied together with a vast and redundant communications network highly reliant upon space satellites. A continuous process of download/upload occurring between sensors, decision makers and shooters.

This stuff is not easy to understand or is it? You almost need to be an Information Technology [IT] professional to grasp? Or am I wrong?

And the complications for existing hardware are vast? Different types of computers in use, all having different speeds, different operating systems, different programs and operating within that network of computers the uplink/downlink speeds all varying? This stuff is complex but not within mental reach. These various images accompanying this particular blog entry are illustrative and explanatory? I have tried.

NCW is not on the future, NCW is NOW!


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