Thursday, March 2, 2017


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Back to the Second World War [WW2] record of L. Ron Hubbard. Again one of the most prolific authors in the English language [science-fiction]. L. Ron also the founder of the religion of Scientology and the practice of dianetics. Thanks once more to the original article as seen at

Besides his sea duty L. Ron contributing to the war effort as a participant in "brainstorm responses to the kamikaze threat".

Hubbard as "a participant" in concert with Robert Heinlein, L. Sprague de Camp and Isaac Asimov each and every one a science-fiction author of repute. These men in one spot all at the same time a combined intellectual capability to be found no where else other than perhaps the Manhattan Project.

Regarding that Philadelphia Naval Yard and the "think tank" the subject of which was the kamikaze threat:

"a think tank in which science fiction writers gathered on weekends to brainstorm responses to the kamikaze threat. None of their ideas were ever used in combat, but Heinlein was moved by Hubbard’s tales of being repeatedly bombed, sunk, and wounded"

That war record of Hubbard greatly embellished? This is the question?

From left to right: Heinlein, de Camp, Asimov. The Philadelphia Naval Yard, during WW2.

To what extent is the urban legend of the "Philadelphia Experiment" related to the war work of Heinlein, de Camp, Asimov and perhaps also Hubbard? Science-fiction type apocrypha thought to be impossible or a hoax. Preposterous even! Or is it?


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