Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Russian WT.

This is coolbert:

A series of blog entries the heading in each case:


As dated 6 March 2017.

 From MARCONI through Harry at Sharkhunters.

"Today has seen an increase in the traffic sent by stations known to service Russian military and diplomatic units. Traffic consists of voice (5 figure cypher groups) data stream encryption, and 5 figure groups on encrypted Morse. USAF HF GCS (United States Air Force High Frequency (Short wave) Global Communications) channels have been active yesterday and today but not overly so"

Additionally thanks to MARCONI through Harry:

"our Webmaster based in Holland . . . tells me that, having checked the call signs monitored, it seems that the increase in military radio traffic is based in the north of Russia and is a seasonal increase that is normal for the time of year."

NOTHING to see here folks? Move along? The Russian bear active but not excessively so! Thank GOD for it too!


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