Sunday, March 19, 2017

Colombo WW2.

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Continuing with extracts and my commentary WW2 headlines from:

The Coverage of the Entire Conflict"

Headlines: "COVERAGE from the BATTLE FIELD to the HOME FRONT"


"First Assault on Base at Tip of India Causes Little Damage"

6 April 1942.

Special Cable to The New York Times.

"LONDON, April 5 - - In the first attack on Ceylon, British base off the southern tip of Indian, seventy-five Japanese planes today raided the harbor, airdrome and Ratmalana railway at Colombo and were repulsed with the certain loss of twenty-seven craft shot down."

Events as occurring on 5 April and the days to follow best understood best understood as part and parcel of the Japanese GREAT INDIAN OCEAN RAID . A two-pronged raid by Japanese carrier-based naval aviation [called Operation C by the Japanese] best described as a minor PEARL HARBOR!

British losses at sea that day [5 April] to include TWO CRUISERS SUNK!! Additionally [10 April] the British aircraft carrier Hermes sunk THE REMNANT OF THE ROYAL NAVY IN THE VICINITY OF CEYLON [CALLED THAT AT THE TIME]  BEATING FEET INSTANTLY TO MUCH SAFER EAST AFRICAN PORTS!!


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