Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Vietnam & India.

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As dated 6 March 2017.

 From WIZARD through Harry:

"Vietnam just commissioned the last two KILO Class submarines they ordered from Russia. Commissioning pennants were raised on DA NANG and BA RIA-VUNG aweek ago, on 28 February. These two boats bring the total to six KILO Class boats that Russia built for Vietnam."

More submarine stuff from WIZARD thanks again to Harry:

"INS KALVARI (India) carried out her first anti-ship missile firing in the Indian Ocean. The missile covered an unspecified distance and the test was considered a success. All six Indian submarines of the SCORPENE class will soon be outfitted with the Exocet SM39 missile . . . These missiles are fired as soon as they reach the surface to enhance their sea skimming traits and keep them out of enemy radar as long as possible. Keep in mind that we reported these submarines were so expensive and hit the Indian treasury so hard that they could not afford to buy torpedoes for these boats."

Warships without firepower are the same as tigers without teeth?


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