Saturday, March 11, 2017

Musings & Rocks.

This is coolbert:

Here with two Internet web sites I recommend highly and without qualification or reservation. Devoted readers to the blog need to bookmark or favorite and visit on a regular basis.


"Iraq News, Politics, Economics, Society"

"Musings On Iraq was started in 2008 to explain the political, economic, security and cultural situation in Iraq via original articles and interviews. I have written for the Jamestown Foundation, Tom Ricks’ Best Defense at Foreign Policy and the Daily Beast, and was responsible for a chapter in the book Volatile Landscape: Iraq And Its Insurgent Movements." - - Joel Wing.

2. "War on the Rocks"

"In a world in which relative power levels are narrowing and means are diluted, America’s historical black hole, a bifurcation between policy and operations, must be closed.  Given that our country expects great sacrifices from those toiling at the tactical level, much more can and should be expected at the summit.  It is my expectation that War on the Rocks will help fill in the black hole.”

"The War on the Rocks Mission Statement". - -  Frank Hoffman

For his reporting on the situation in Iraq Andrew Cockburn draws heavily on material as originally seen at "Musings"? Appears to be so.


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