Tuesday, March 28, 2017


This is coolbert:

Yet one military BEST. I am always on the watch for such items.

"10 Areas In Which India Beats Even The Most Powerful Countries In The World"

"Legendary Expertise In High Altitude Mountain Warfare"

"Areas In Which India Beats Even The Most Powerful Countries In The World"

"Sharing borders with nuclear-armed arch rivals like China and Pakistan called for impeccable mountain warfare training. So, the Indian army went ahead and became the best in the world. The High Altitude Warfare School in Gulmarg, Kashmir, is so renowned that mighty armies like the U.S., British and German armies periodically come to train with us"

NOT merely mountain warfare but HIGH-ALTITUDE MOUNTAIN WARFARE.

In this regard the army of India without peer.

Troops having to function in an exceedingly harsh environment, even the most mundane of military tasks made difficult by a combination of factors [cold, lack of oxygen, etc].

Troops in the high-altitude environment within the Zone of Acclimatization: "Zone of acclimatization. Found between 16,500 ft and 19,500 ft (roughly 5000m to 6000m). In this altitude zone the body continues to adapt and correct itself to reduced oxygen levels."

If and when warfare returns to the Aksai Chin area [the border area between India and China] the army of India will be prepared and more so than anyone else in the world could be prepared!!


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