Saturday, March 4, 2017

SLBM Russia.

This is coolbert:

As has been noted, the last Russian ballistic-missile firing-submarine of the Borei class that proverbial tiger without teeth. NOT so much now however?

"Strategic Weapons: Rue Britannia"

Submarine [Borei class] good, missiles not so much!! Unreliable and in a worrisome way. As to warheads, the current nuclear test ban treaty as it exists does NOT allow for testing of that nuclear warhead as carried by Bulava?

"The latest Russian SLBM, the Bulava (also known as R-30 3M30 and SS-NX-30), was almost cancelled because test flights kept failing. The Bulava finally successfully completed its test program on December 23rd, 2011. That made 11 successful Bulava test firings out of 18 attempts. The last two missiles make five in a row that were successfully fired. As a result of this, the Bulava has been accepted into service, with a development test firing success rate of 61 percent, but some last minute glitches led to more tests being scheduled and Bulava has yet to enter service."

See previous blog entries the topic of which was the Borei and Bulava connection:

Borei and Bulava as with and and glove but the fit not exactly as it should be?


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