Monday, March 27, 2017


This is coolbert:

Within context of that previous blog entry it is WORTHY TO NOTE THAT a number of players and actors currently engaged in the fighting in Syria have SCUD missiles. Each player and actor having their own agenda at odds with one another.

Players and actors to include:

1. "Syria’s Ballistic Missile Arsenal Looms As Assad Regime Buckles"

2. "Arming Hezbollah: Syria's Alleged Scud Missile Transfer"

3. "Does the Islamic State have a Scud missile?"

"Photographs appear to show jihadists with Scud missile – but experts say it is likely inoperable"

4."Islamist Syrian rebels reportedly seize Scud missiles"

"Deputy PM says Israel is tracking developments but sees no immediate danger, adds that ‘when we identified a threat, we took action along the border and elsewhere’"

Those "Islamic Syrian rebels" the Al Nusra Front. Affiliated with Al Qaeda.

The Islamic State [ISIL] also possessing SCUD but apparently as believed those missiles either "inoperable" or lacking any sort of warhead?

A launch from whatever source of a SCUD towards Israeli [even sans warhead] in all likelihood will mean a massive retaliatory response as I have stated before the consequences of which cannot be predicted, a situation almost out-of-control!!


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