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"a 'much-decorated war hero who commanded a corvette and during hostilities was crippled and wounded.' According to Scientology publications, he served as a 'Commodore of Corvette squadrons' in 'all five theaters of World War II' and was awarded 'twenty-one medals and palms' for his service. He was 'severely wounded and was taken crippled and blinded' to a military hospital, where he 'worked his way back to fitness, strength and full perception in less than two years, using only what he knew and could determine about Man and his relationship to the universe'"

So it is alleged was the war record of L. Ron Hubbard. One of the most prolific authors in the English language, his service during World War Two [WW2] as thought by some to be excessively embellished!.

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Without question L. Ron Hubbard having seen military service during the Second World War [WW2]. This much is clear. As being a distinguished naval officer this much is not clear. Hubbard it is known DID command two naval vessels [a patrol boat and a sub chaser] during the conflict. Did not actually [?] see combat action during the war and twice was relieved of command. THE MENTAL STABILITY AND UNSUITABILITY OF HUBBARD IN A COMMAND ROLE QUESTIONED!

Patrol boat of the type as commanded during WW2 by L. Ron Hubbard.

Sub-chaser of the type as commanded by L. Ron Hubbard during WW2.

The religion of Scientology and the concept of dianetics intrinsically connected to the war record of L. Ron Hubbard? At lease some make the connection and in a manner unfavorable to L. Ron.

Commander, heal thyself?


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