Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hezbollah Naval.

This is coolbert:

One from land and two by sea!

'Hezbollah has a Sophisticated Naval Force' - Israel"

"According to an Israel report, the Lebanese movement Hezbollah has allegedly developed a sophisticated naval infrastructure that is said to be operating in shadows."

Hezbollah as recognized the BEST light infantry in the world! Also according to Israeli sources Hezbollah also now having a sophisticated and hidden naval capability.

A naval force and capability consisting of at least:

* Fast attack boats operating in a swarm mode of attack.

* Naval commando units.

*  Midget submarines??

Unconventional warriors [Hezbollah] employing unconventional means to conduct naval warfare. Courtesy the Iranian too I might imagine.

That combination of fast attack boats and naval commandos a threat the Israeli have never [?] had to content with. Means and methods crude but effective!

Read further regarding Hezbollah naval capability, the swarm attack by fast boats hard to stop in totality.

"Swarms attack, raids on the coast: secret naval force Hezbollah."

Naval commando units practitioners of asymmetric naval warfare in the extreme. As it was with the Italian Decima Mas so as it is now with Hezbollah!


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