Monday, February 13, 2017

Stalingrad WW2.

This is coolbert:

"Back in Stalingrad, it wasn't long before the academy metaphor had achieved a certain grim literalness: soldiers on launches crossing the Volga into perhaps the closest thing to Hell yet seen on Earth were given a physical piece of paper with the lessons summarized on it. This was their training, these green officer cadets, these boys drafted from hardscrabble farms in Kazakhstan, these sailors transferred from their ships in Vladivostok. Crawl fast, shoot whenever possible, sneak up and club with a shovel when necessary. Not one step back. Now go."

Three minutes!! NOW GO!!

That academy as described being the "Stalingrad Academy of Street-fighting".

Lessons learned during the Battle of Stalingrad, WW2, and incorporated into Soviet tactics.

Lessons learned and LEARNED THE HARD WAY! Ad hoc methods of urban warfare on-the-job training so to speak.

From the "Everything2" Internet web site those lessons in the proverbial nutshell:

* "Use wreckage to your advantage"

* "Dig in close to enemy positions"

* "Keep moving"

* "Shoot first and constantly"

* "Forget conventional units"

Devoted readers of the blog need to read it all!

The Soviet also willing and able to expend prodigious numbers of troops in the effort to defeat the German. Almost heedless of losses, expenditures of manpower as WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ACCEPTABLE TO THE WESTERN ALLIES [ENGLAND AND USA].


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Johnny W. Wilson said...

I find quite surprising that in "All Quiet on Western Front" the shovel was also used as the favorite close combat weapon over the bayonet.