Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Der Rhein.

This is coolbert:

From various Internet web sites The Devers Plan pro and con discussion.

1. "How World War II Wasn’t Won".

 2. "Could WWII have been won in 1944 if General Eisenhower had okayed General Devers's plan to cross the Rhine?"

3. "'Lost Victory'".


"Devers along with his lieutenants Generals Patch and French General Jean de Lattre de Tassigny received Eisenhower and General Omar Bradley, at his headquarters at Vittel in the Vosges Mountains.  Instead of giving his congratulations, the Supreme Commander [Ike] intended to transfer several of the U.S. Seventh Army divisions.  Patton urgently needed fresh troops in the Third Army's stalled bloody offensive just to the north"

The intention of the meeting between Ike and Devers was to discuss the transfer of troops from 6th Army Group to the 3rd Army of Patton. Patton and his three month long siege of Metz a failed military operation, a release of 6th Army Group units to Patton however only an instance of reinforcing failure?

Eisenhower as has been noted by many authorities a cautious commander, not in favor of bold and decisive action as might have ended the war on an earlier date!!


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