Friday, September 26, 2008


This is coolbert:

From the Chicago Tribune today:

"Nation briefing"


"Nerve agent waste ruled OK to ship"

"INDIANAPOLIS - - The Army can finish shipping chemical waste from the destruction of a deadly nerve agent in Indiana to an incinerator in Texas, a judge has ruled."

"Most of the waste has already been sent to Texas. it was the neutralized remains from VX nerve agent destroyed under an international treaty."

Let us be clear here. This IS NOT THE DEADLY TOXIC NERVE AGENT ITSELF! What we are speaking about here is the byproduct of the destruction process, the VX gas previously having been destroyed at the Indiana location, in situ, as they say.

And - - already, almost all of the byproduct, a hazardous waste of itself, this cannot be denied, has been previously shipped to Texas for incineration!

This is always controversial stuff! Destroying the chemical agents themselves and the still-highly-toxic waste products from the destruction process, transportation of same, in situ incineration or at another location, etc.

See my previous blog entry about the Rocky Mountain Arsenal and the "clean-up" process for that particular facility. EVEN FOR LIQUID ROCKET FUELS, THE CLEANUP PROCEDURES FOR NON-LETHAL BUT STILL TOXIC CHEMICALS WAS EXPENSIVE AND LABORIOUS. Hey, NO ONE said any of this was going to be easy!

I think this particular facility in Indiana was of particular concern to Homeland Security too, in the aftermath of 9/11??!!

An explosive laden aircraft, suicidally crashed into the storage facilities, could have caused a lethal, toxic plume that would have devastated a wide area. Air defense was constantly monitoring this site for possible hostile intruders. Orders to shoot-down and kill already a matter of protocol!!

Fears have been assuaged??!!


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