Thursday, September 11, 2008


This is coolbert:

From the Chicago Tribune:

"South Korea suggest North’s leader is recovering and in control"

"SEOUL - - North Korea’s Kim Jong Il is on the road to recovery from a stroke and still in control of his isolated country’s communist regime, South Korea suggested Wednesday, disputing reports that the leader is gravel ill."

"South Korean President . . . [and] top security ministers . . . were briefed on intelligence that indicates Kim is recovering"

"South Korea’s spy agency said . . . that it had intelligence showing the 66-year-old Kim’s condition had much improved".

Regarding the ability to glean intelligence and the veracity thereof from the North Korean "hermit kingdom", it was some years ago now, that one of the eight [or is it nine?] army Corps of the North Korean army mutinied. THE ENTIRE CORPS REBELLED EN MASSE’!! AN UNPRECEDENTED EVENT WITHOUT PARALLEL!!

A mutiny suppressed with great difficulty and severity by the authorities in Pyongyang!

A mutiny the U.S. government did not find out about UNTIL FOUR YEARS AFTER THE FACT!!

One would think - - that in a part of the world vital to U.S. interests - - the mutiny [of such prodigious size] should not have been - - and could not have been – MISSED!!

But it was?


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