Thursday, September 4, 2008


This is coolbert:

Persons that watch the TV program "CSI" [Crime Scene Investigation] will be well aware of the various methods, techniques, protocols employed by modern scientific criminal investigators. Methods, techniques, protocols, NOW ALSO being used on the "battlefield" of the Global War On Terror [GWOT]!

Scientific crime fighting "applications" to include:

(1). Fingerprints. Fingerprints are now and have been obtained from a variety of sources and compared to existing records. Sources to include:

* Jihadi - - captured or found dead on the battlefield.
* Documents.
* Weapons.
* Safe houses and training camps.

Fingerprints not only forming a database, but when compared to existing records, producing some surprising results. MANY OF THESE JIHADI KILLED OR CAPTURED ON A FOREIGN BATTLEFIELD HAVE ESTABLISHED CRIMINAL RECORDS IN THE U.S. Lived previously for a period in America and engaged in some sort of criminal behavior!

(2). DNA samples for high-ranking jihadi have been obtained and stored. [Taken from [voluntarily or otherwise?] family members of the clans bin Laden and Zawahiri, for instance] A means of ID that can be used to positively determine the deaths of High-Value-Targets [HVT’s] on the battlefield.

It must be kept in mind that modern weaponry can have a devastating effect on the human body. Blown to smithereens quite often being the case. Maybe only minute bits and pieces of a body, a blood smear, or merely just blood droplets being all that is left!

Destroying the senior leadership of Al Qaeda does have a high priority! NOT ONLY killing them when possible, but knowing for CERTAIN that you have killed the right villain is also essential!! DNA testing allows, when possible, for an absolutely certain ID of the bad guy!

(3). Suspects detained in the low-intensity, irregular, anti-jihadi type of combat are being tested for gun-shot-residue [GSR]. Hands swabbed and tested to see if the "suspect" has fired a firearm recently. A way of separating the good from the bad!

GSR testing was conducted on the male inhabitants of Fallujah. All males detained were swabbed and tested for GSR. Those not showing traces of GSR released, those testing positive held for further "processing".

(4). Autopsies - - random, are also being performed on enemy bodies found on the battlefield. Such autopsies have revealed that jihadi engaged in suicide type of missions are quite often "high" on BZ ["Buzz"]. Intoxicants and stimulants other than opiates are normally forbidden to the Muslim! "Buzz" is OK by the mullahs and imams?

From teeth extracted during an autopsy it should be possible to determine with a pretty good degree of certainty the nationality, ethnicity, or region of the world where the deceased jihadi has spent the formative years of their life. Is this particular dead villain a Malay, a Filipino, a Kurd, a Saudi, a Turk, a Chechen, a Somali, etc. This type of question can be answered with pretty good assurance!

CSI "stuff" not normally associated with conventional warfare is an important feature of the Global War on Terror [GWOT]! "Evidence" that is used in criminal investigations is very useful when fighting the jihadi enemy as well!?

That seems to be the case!


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