Sunday, September 7, 2008


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Please see my previous blog entry, "CSI".

Here too is another indication of how fighting the Global War On Terror [GWOT] DOES have similarities to criminal investigations, crime fighting, etc.

Thanks here for the tip from: Nancy Hartevelt Kobgrin, Ph.D.

A tool used to investigate serial killings and capture, when possible, the perpetrator.

i2 Analysts' Notebook.

A crime fighting tool, ALSO being used by those involved in the hunt for Osama bin Laden and those in league with him.

"that American soldiers hunting for Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan have been using a complicated software program called The Analyst's Notebook to map the links in bin Laden's tribal network and identify weaknesses. The same program has been used to track wanted Iraqis and catch serial killers in the United States."

A crime fighting tool, with military application, that allows for counter-terrorist hunters to:

* Visualize large volumes of investigative data to understand the big picture.
* Instantly reveal patterns and hidden connections to help focus your investigation.
* Create analytical charts manually or automatically generate link and timeline charts from structured data.
* Communicate complex cases with intuitive briefing charts that capture and organize supporting data.

"links in bin Laden's tribal network"

Osama is a man who plans very carefully. Has established a number [??] of areas that can be used as hiding places, safe-areas. Swat, Northwest Territories of Pakistan, Tribal Areas, etc. CREATES MARRIAGES BETWEEN HIS COHORTS AND THE LOCAL WOMEN, forming blood relationships between al Qaeda members and those among whom he resides.

The Analysts's Notebook is useful in determining those relationships and leading the hunter to the prey. If not exactly Osama and Zawahiri, those adherents and lieutenants who put into action the intrigue of bin Laden can be found and eliminated with much greater ease?


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