Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This is coolbert:

People are fond of saying, "there is nothing new under the sun!!"

Here, from the LoneSentry web site, the special "iron ration" as issued and carried by British Commando troops during operations:

"CHAPTER 2. COMMANDO TRAINING - - Section III. Commando Rations"

"A special ration, designed to give a man enough sustenance to enable him to operate under rigorous conditions"

* Pemmican (dried meat, 60% lean, 40% fat) [known as "beef jerky" in the U.S.]
* Oatmeal
* Biscuit
* Dried fruit
* Margarine or butter

Meat, whole grains, dried fruit, a dairy based spread.

And here, the diet as eaten by a Pankration athlete while in training. Pankration - - the martial art form of ancient Greece. A combination of wrestling and boxing used to train Greek warriors for mortal combat. Also practiced at the Olympics as a "sport"! A "sport" sometimes resulting in the death of a combatant.

The athletes diet consisting of:

* Bread
* Meat* Dry fruits* Fresh cheese [feta cheese, made with goats' milk?]
* Wheat

Again, we find a diet consisting of whole grains, meat, dry fruit, and a dairy product.

Pankration is now enjoying a renaissance. After a several millennium long hiatus, the martial art form has been rejuvenated, modernized, and is now avidly practiced by a growing number of enthusiasts. Bully!!

Nothing new under the sun? You betcha!


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