Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This is coolbert:

Here are several recent articles from the Chicago Tribune that immediately caught my eye:

"Benefits of serving in military cannot be outsourced"

"As a soldier in Iraq, I [Tammy Duckworth] witnessed the Bush administration's blatant overuse of contractors to do the work normally done by fellow American service members."

"Duckworth admits error in taking state vehicle to Seals campaign event"

"Tammy Duckworth took time off from job as state Veterans Affairs director to attend a campaign event but ran into controversy"

Tammy Duckworth, Major, Illinois Army National Guard [ILARNG], wounded severely in Iraq, is in violation of UCMJ, Article 88 and 134? So was my original thought. Contemptuous language directed against the President and a member of Congress [Mark Kirk]?

[Mark Kirk currently serves as a Congressman and is ALSO a military reservist who serves a monthly duty at the Pentagon!]

A printed article, an op-ed piece, and the use of a state-owned vehicle for partisan politics, all this on the part of a serving Army officer [National Guardsman].

NO! Tammy Duckworth is no longer a member of the ILARNG and now is free to speak her mind, not "burdened" by the requirements of the UCMJ! This I have confirmed with the Chicago Tribune.

Tammy is a very brave person, noble even. Lost both legs in Iraq and partial use of an arm. For some time was in charge of ILARNG aircraft maintenance. Ran for Congress and narrowly lost election. Persons such as her are great credits to our society. I hope her the best in future endeavors.

I had originally hoped that with the use of prosthesis, Tammy might have continued her military flying career, following in the footsteps of Douglas Bader of World War Two fame. Obviously not to be now. She must do what is best for herself.


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