Friday, September 26, 2008


This is coolbert:

From the Chicago Tribune today:

"Nation briefing"

"Washington, D.C."

"Seventeen [17]"

"Number of senior officers - - six Air force generals ranging in rank from one to three stars, nine colonels and two Army two-star generals - - were disciplined for poor oversight in connection with the mistake shipment of fuses fro nuclear warheads to Taiwan. Acting Air Force Secretary Michael Donley said Thursday."

Some of you may remember this incident. NOT SO LONG AGO NOW!! Helicopter parts [this was the reason by which Army officers got involved?], sent to Taiwan, when arriving, were found to be fuses for nuclear warheads!! How could this happen? That was the question! Some speculated this was all part of a ruse! A ruse the intent of which was to intimidate or "scare" a foreign power hostile to the U.S.? Was related in some fashion to the arming of a B-52 bomber with LIVE ARMED nuclear cruise missile warheads. A WARTIME MEASURE ONLY WHEN THE PLANES ARE FLYING WITHIN THE CONFINES OF AMERICAN TERRITORY!!

This was all evidently NOT part of a ruse. A major slip-up of drastic proportions. All the "nuke stuff" is supposed to be carefully guarded, inventoried, under deliberate lock and key of the most secure sort!

We can now rest easy this time? NO ruse or malevolent intentions involved. Just malfeasance at the top. Discipline has been meted out accordingly!


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