Friday, September 19, 2008

Detectives II.

This is coolbert:

"Asking the Detectives" - - continued.

2. Married couple, want to determine if their refurbished home in Schenectady New York was originally a blockhouse built in the aftermath of the Schenectady Massacre, 1691!

This “massacre” - - something I had not ever heard of!! American Indians, led by French Canadians [Quebecois], attacking the British colonial town of Schenectady, massacring the inhabitants and burning the settlement - - and doing so during intense wintertime conditions - - sub-zero temperatures and SIX FEET OF DRIFTED SNOW!!!

The detective is able to determine, again, with a pretty good degree of certainty - - that the refurbished residence of this couple originally WAS A BLOCKHOUSE BUILT IN THE AFTERMATH OF THE MASSACRE!!

Authenticity of the blockhouse origins determined by:

* Careful measurements of the couple’s home [a squared off structure of exacting size], comparing dimensions to historical documents!

* Using tree-ring data [dendrochronology] from roof timber members. Roofing timbers are absolutely dated from the time of 1700!

* Comparison of maps of Schenectady from the period [1700] to the current location of the home! [it was found the home IS NOT standing on the original location. WAS MOVED at some time to where it sits now!]

The British, with suitable defensive fortifications in mind, rebuilt the town of Schenectady, this particularly sturdy structure being one of them!! In case of attack, military and civilian personnel could shelter in the blockhouse, being relatively safe, able to defend themselves, shooting DOWNWARD upon marauders from covered and protected second story firing positions.

[see my blog entry concerning German flak towers from the World War Two era and their role in ground combat.]


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