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Here are three Frenchmen who - - during World War Two [WW2], stood very tall!

Did not shirk dangerous duty but rather embraced it!!

Men who parachuted into occupied France as part of Jedburgh. An allied combined effort to wage guerrilla/partisan warfare in France, Belgium, Holland. Three man teams, multi-national, the mission of which was to organize, plan, lead the "locals" as partisans. Harass and forestall German military operations in conjunction with the Normandy invasion.


"[troops] parachute[d] into Nazi occupied France, Holland, or Belgium to conduct sabotage and guerrilla warfare, and to lead the local resistance forces against the Germans."

"The Jedburgh teams comprised three men: a leader, an executive officer, and a non-commissioned radio operator. One of the officers would be British or American while the other would hail from the country to which the team deployed. "

Frenchmen to include:

* Jean Sassi.

Jean Sassi, pioneered in conventional guerrilla commandos GCMA . . . during the First Indochina War."

"[a member of] 11th Shock Parachutist Regiment (11e Régiment Parachutiste de Choc). Maquis [partisan] chief in French Indochina through the GCMA (1953-1955)"

"During a lecture on German interrogation methods, Jedburgh recruiters put a melon in a vice and tightened it until the melon burst onto the floor. Imagine that is your head, they said. Anyone change their minds? 'I [Jean Sassi] didn't hesitate. They promised us we would be the first French soldiers back in France.'- - Jean Sassi,French, Jedburgh Team Chloroform."

* Paul Aussaresses.

"in 1942, he volunteered for the special services unit in France. He wound up in the Jedburghs and member of Team CHRYSLER which parachuted into France behind the German lines in August of 1944."

"later founder of the SDECE's 11ème Régiment Parachutiste de Choc, and counter-insurgency expert in French Algeria. "

* Marcel Bigeard.

"In 1944, after special service training by the British, he was parachuted into occupied France as part of a team of four with the mission of leading the resistance in the Ariège département close to the border with Andorra."

NOT necessarily fighting as a Jedburgh? NOT sure, and am trying to confirm or deny. BUT did organize, train, plan, lead French partisans, and did so with elan'.

Elan' = spirited action with vigor.

All three men, Sassi, Aussaresses, and Bigeard, all charter members of the French parachute mafia', each having long military careers in the aftermath of WW2, rising to high rank and in a profound manner influenced the manner with which counter-insurgency campaigns of the post-war [WW2[ era were fought.

And are men controversial to this day. Aussaresses and Bigeard have admitted the use of torture as an institutionalized technique of interrogations, widespread, common, even normal!!


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